Chair of Governors (November 2019) - Paula Riordan - email:

The Governing Body works in partnership with the Headteacher and staff to ensure that the delivery of the curriculum, the use of public resources and the effectiveness of teaching and learning are of the highest possible standard.

The Governors of Rainow School are responsible for the strategic leadership of the school but are not involved in its day-to-day operation.

The Governing Body:

  • agrees the school budget, prioritises spending and approves staffing levels;
  • monitors the standards of achievement;
  • ensures delivery of the curriculum;
  • provides a parental voice;
  • oversees the maintenance of the school premises;
  • formulates school policies;
  • appoints the Headteacher and supports in the appointment of other staff;
  • acts as the school's 'critical friend', providing both support and challenge.

All Governors are volunteers and there is no payment for the role.

An information / induction pack for new governors can be found here.

The Governors Code of Conduct can be found here.

The Rainow School Instrument of Governance is here.

Part 1 Minutes from our latest meetings are here.

Governing Body Membership as at 14/05/2024

Category of Governor Governors' Names          Term of office              Appointing body
Chair Paula Riordan 13 Nov 2022 - 12 Nov 2026 co-opted
Staff (Head) Jonathan Norris 01 September 2016  
Staff Nicola Daley  5 Mar-2021 - 4 Mar 2025 Elected by the staff
Local Authority Julien Rye 25 Jul 2021 - 24 July 2025 Appointed by local authority
Parent  Blair Whitehurst 23 Nov 2022 - 22 Nov 2026  Elected by the parents
Parent Dean Grice 13 Nov 2022 - 12 Nov 2026 Elected by the parents
Co-opted (Vice Chair) Peter Grogan 17 Nov 2021 - 16 Nov 2025 Appointed by the GB
Co-opted Helen Pugh 19 Mar 2023 - 18 Mar 2027 Appointed by the GB
Co-opted Richard Stockwell 18 Sept 2019 - 13 Oct 2023 Appointed by the GB
Co-opted Rosie Cole 22 Nov 2023 - 21 Nov 2027 Appointed by the GB
Co-opted Stephen Hall 22 Nov 23 - 21 Nov 2027 Appointed by the GB

Governing Body Committee Structure, 2023-24

Governing Body Chair: Paula Riordan 

   Governing Body Vice Chair: Peter Grogan

Buildings & Premises Committee Teaching & Learning Committee Finance Comittee Headteacher's Performance Management Committee Pay Committee Appeals

1.Peter Grogan (Chair)

1. Peter Grogan (Chair) 1. Julien Rye (Chair) 1. Paula Riordan(Chair) 1.Helen Pugh (Chair) 1. Julien Rye
2. Dean Grice  2. Nicola Daley (Staff) 2. Jonathan Norris 2. Peter Grogan 2. Richard Stockwell 2. Paula Riordan
3. Jonathan Norris 3. Jonathan Norris (HT) 3. Richard Stockwell   3. Dean Grice  
4. Laura Saunders 4. Paula Riordan 4. Peter Grogan   4. Jonathan Norris  
  5. Richard Stockwell     5. Paula Riordan  
  6. Dean Grice        
  7. Helen Pugh         
  8. Kathy Lewis         
  9. Laura Saunders      Pay Appeals (3):  
Suggested roles to be on committee: Suggested roles to be on committee: Suggested roles to be on committee: Suggested roles to be on committee: Suggested roles to be on committee:  
  • Staff (Head)
  • Staff (Head); Staff; GB Chair; GB Vice Chair
  • Staff (Head)
  • GB (Chair)
  • Staff are unable to be on this committee
  • GB (Chair); Individual from Finance Committee
  • Staff are unable to be on this committee

Meeting Frequency:

Twice yearly (& as required)

Meeting Frequency:

Once per term (& as required)

Meeting Frequency:

Once per term (& as required)

Meeting Frequency:

Six monthly (& as required)

Meeting Frequency:

Twice yearly (& as required)


Additional notes: All above committees have a quorum of 3.  Full Governing Body (FGB) meetings to be held three times per year; & End of Year Review meeting.

Ad hoc committees to be constituted as and when required e.g. Coplaints, Pupil Discipline / Exclusions, Staff Disciplinary/Disimissal; Pay Appeals; Recruitment etc.

Training Liaision Governor: Richard Stockwell




Name of Governor Named Business and/or personal interests with School (spouse/partner/relative) Member of any other educational establishment (list below)

Nicola Daley

Staff Governor

Nil Nil

Dean Grice

Parent Governor

NHS Eastern Cheshire CCG


Peter Grogan

Parent Governor

Nil Nil

Blair Whitehurst

Parent Governor

Nil Nil

Jonathan Norris

Staff Governor

Headteacher at Rainow Primary School, son of David Norris Associates (Building, Surveyor, Design) Nil

Helen Pugh

Associate Governor

Nil Assistant Head teacher at Tytherington High School

Paula Riordan

Parent Governor

Nil Principal at The Guild for Lifelong Learning

Julien Rye

LA Governor

Partner at BDO LLP Nil

Rosie Cole 

Copted Governor

tbc tbc

Stephen Hall

Coopted Governor

tbc tbc

Richard Stockwell

Parent Governor


Governors who have resigned/term ended in the last 12 months



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