Y5/6 Residential - Whitby 2018

26th - 29th March 2018 - Sneaton Castle, Whitby.

56 pupils from Year Five and Six spent four days in North Yorkshire exploring the Whitby area.

Galleries of photos from each day can be found here:

Day One - Monday

Day Two - Tuesday

Day Three - Wednesday

Day Four - Thursday


Our Highlights

Sennen: I liked lots of things in Whitby.  The museum was great because I found the stuffed animals very interesting.  I also loved seeing what life was like in Whitby as we walked around the town.  The food was yummy in the tea room. To finish off the trip, Whitby Abbey was great.

Louisa: I really liked Robin Hood's Bay because I found lots of fossils.

Tom: I loved cycling because I could go up really slowly and still manage to get up the hills.

Seb K: I liked drawing the Abbey and doing the activities at East Barnby.

Jess: I really enjoyed Robin Hood's Bay and the museum because I got to really know Whitby.

Billy: I loved going on the bike ride because I found an animal's skull.  I also liked going to the museum and learning the history of Whitby.

Archie: I really liked playing on the beach because I was exploring the rocks with my friends.  I also liked learning about Captain Cook.

Fleur: I really enjoyed going to the beach and collecting shells and fossils.  Also, as I love getting wet, the beck scrambling was perfect for me!

Stan: The highlight of the trip was beck scrambling, wading through the water and squeezing through small rocks.  I also enjoyed the museum and seeing the stuffed animals.

Jake M: I loved the biking.  On the final challenge there was a puddle and our front wheels got wedged!

Marcus: I liked going to the museum because I learnt a lot about Whitby and Captain James Cook.

Max S: My highlight of Whitby was when Dylan fell into the bog on the bike ride!

Seb R: My highlight was East Barnby because when we were cycling I face planted into a puddle!

Max A: My favourite part was visiting the Jet Works because I enjoyed finding out how they worked.

Finlay B: The tea room, the 199 steps and Robin Hood's Bay were my favourite parts because Ilike cake, I filmed the walk up the steps and we played on the beach.

Tuilelaith: My highlight was cycling with Jess and I also enjoyed Robin Hood's Bay because we found some interesting things.

Jake S: Going to the tea room, chatting with my friends and eating cake was my favourite part.

Martha: My highlight was the day at East Barnby.  However, I also loved the tea room because the cakes were delicious.

Ruby: I enjoyed beck scrambling because I went through a gap and got my head stuck!

Oli: I really liked East Barnby because going off road on the bike gave me an exhilarating feeling!

Charlotte: I really enjoyed the museum and Whitby Abbey because I liked looking at everything and learning facts.

Elsie: I want to remember when we went to Whitby and all the information that we learnt about the town.

Dylan: My highlight was cycling because you could go straight, uphill, downhill and off road and when there was a really deep puddle, I fell in!

Marisa: Whitby Museum was the best part for me becasue I learnt something new about myself and Sennen: we both liked looking at the stuffed animals!

Els: I really enjoyed going biking because it was fun.

James: I liked Whitby because we did lots of activities and I really enjoyed them all.

Will J: Visiting Robin Hood's Bay was my favourite activity because it wasn't what I expected it to be and I found lots of interesting things on the beach including crabs and an eel-type creature.



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