Y5/6 Lakeside Residential 2017

12th - 15th June 2017

Children from Year Five and Year Six have spent four fun-filled days at the Lakeside Centre on Lake Windermere in Cumbria.

Photos and highlights from each day can be found here:

Day One

Day Two

Day Three

Day Four

You can also see what we were doing on our Twitter feed: https://twitter.com/RainowPrimary


Throughout the trip, the children were encouraged to be reflective and think about other children who stood out to them for various reasons; 'Superstars of the Week'.  These include:

Eve C: Tabitha because she tried to do everything and seemed to overcome a fear of heights.

Lily: Eve went on all of the high things even though she is scared of heights.

Zak L: Samson tried everything and just got stuck in and had fun.

Josh: Thomas H was really kind and helpful especially during the climbing when he told everyone where to put their feet on the abseil and encouraged them.

Wilf: My superstar is Elliot because he cheered me up and looked after me.

Fred: My star is Lily because she was always willing to do everything.

Eva: My star is Ellen because she tried really hard and did brilliantly on the King Swing.

Peter: My star is Eve because she is scared of heights but she still went on the high things.

Matthew: Samson had a go at everything and was really enthusiastic.

Tom B: Jack for overcoming his fear of heights.

Lucy: Margot did really well at climbing and got to the top and abseiled down. Will D overcame his fear of heights and did the Runway really confidently.

Isabelle: My superstar has to be Elizabeth.  She faced her fear of heights in the abseiling and plucked up the courage to do it again.

Annabel: Izzy and Thomas H helped everyone no matter what.

Harrison G: Fred was very caring and supportive.

Caitlin: Tayla went canoeing even though she didn't really want to.

Lizzy B: Thomas H was very helpful especially when I was really scared on the abseil.

Ionie: Will D because he went up to the top of the abseiling and stood on the edge.  He didn't do it but it did give it a go.

Samson: Jack because he conquered his fear of heights.

Will D: Finn was a great friend and all of the activities, was really helpful.  Lucy was very cheerful.

Emma W: Eve C because she is scared of heights but she did everything.

Kadyleigh: Eva was a great captain when we were racing on our raft.

Lizzie: Lucy because she was really funny and helpful.

Finn: Zack S was always ready to help other people make their beds.

Jamie: Without being asked, Tom B helped me with my buoyancy aid.

Lexi: Georgia went to the top of the zip wire but didn't manage to do it but was very brave to go up.

Tommy: My superstar is Thomas H becuase he was really helpful at the climbing.

Ethan: Fred was always helping people.

Georgia: My superstar was Lexi because she encouraged me when I was scared on the zipline.

Darcey: My superstar was Tabby because she faced her fear of heights.  I loved every minute of the trip.


We think that everyone was a superstar and hope that they have made some very special memories.

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