Muffling sound for Hairy Bogley

Date: 13th Feb 2017 @ 5:20pm


Class 3 and 4 had an important job to do today! In our class text the main Character, Hairy Bogley, had a problem. He needed to bogle from the Big People's shed but there was a bell hanging from the shed that would make a noise if Hairy was to open the door. He needed to muffle the sound so that the Big People would not hear him. As a group we came up with an investigation into how we could help Hairy muffle the sound of the bell. We discovered what muffling meant and came up with the idea that if we were to wrap the bell in some sort of material the sound would be muffled enough for Hairy Bogley to enter the shed. But which material would be best? This became the focus of our experiment. After planning our investigation we carried out the fair test in groups and wrapped bells in different materials to see which material would be best for Hairy Bogley to use. After discussing our results we decided to test it on a real shed door so that we were super sure it would work for Hairy Bogley.

The children showed excellent team work and co-operation in their groups and worked like real scientists all afternoon!

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