Y5 Archive 2016-2017

ARCHIVE - Year Five 2016-2017

Class Information

There were 29 children in Year Five and the class teacher is Mrs Eddie, supported in the mornings by Mrs Worth and Mrs De Ruiter teaches Art on Tuesday afternoons.


Our Learning


'Exploring the World'.  As well as covering many geography skills and expanding our knowledge of what is where in our world, this topic will also incorporate our Science learning about  the Earth and Space.  Our topic overview can be found in the documents below.

Our key questions will be:

* How do we use maps?

* What is where in the world?

* Who were the explorers who discovered 'new' lands?

* How do volcanoes work?

* What are physical and human features of the world?


In Literacy, we will be reading a range of books with the theme of exploration and adventure.  So far, we have looked at The Boy Who Biked The World by Alastair Humphreys and compared different accounts of Shackleton's tale of survival in the Antarctic in Ice Trap! & Shackleton's Journey.



'How Britain Began'.  We considered and compared the changes that took place in the Stone, Bronze and Iron ages as well as Roman Britain. 

Our key questions will be:

*What does BC/AD mean?

*How do we find out about pre-history?

*How did people change?

*How did buildings change?

*How did life change?

*Where did people build settlements?


In Literacy, our learning was focussed around the book 'Wolf Brother' by Michelle Paver. 

You can listen to the audiobook of the story, which is read by Sir Ian McKellen, here.

Watch our video to see our interviews with Torak to find out how he felt when he found the wolf cub.


We re-created 'Raven Camp' from the story using the description in the text to help us.  Afterwards, we made interactive tours using 'Thinglink' which can be seen here: https://www.thinglink.com/user/902931493226020866/scenes

We visited Manchester Museum to find out more about this period of time.  You can view the gallery here: http://www.rainowpri.cheshire.sch.uk/work/y5-manchester-museum-/25862.


We were also reading a story called 'The Boy with the Bronze Axe' by Kathleen Fidler.  It is set in Orkney, in Scotland, nearly 3,000 years ago in the settlement of Skara Brae.  There has been a documentary series on the BBC about an ongoing archaeological dig in this area where they are uncovering remains from the neolithic period.  You can watch and find more about 'Britain's Ancient Capital:Secrets of Orkney' here.




Our topic in the Autumn term was called 'Is it right to fight?' and we learnt about life during WW1 and WW2.  Our topic overview can be found in the documents below.


Our key questions were:

* How did WW1 and WW2 start?

* What was life like in the Trenches?

* How were Rainow/Macclesfield affected by the wars?

* What is Remembrance Sunday?

* What was life like for an evacuee?


Our Remembrance Padlet which we added to as part of our homework: https://padlet.com/MrsEddieRainowPrimary/lw8cj6jepu11

Link to clip about the start of WW1 - http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p026v5zf

Link to the broadcasts from WW2 - http://www.bbc.co.uk/archive/ww2outbreak/

The Piano film clip - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sr64NI33qUo


Website recommendation: http://www.dkfindout.com/uk/.


After reading an extract from 'Private Peaceful', we created film versions of the gas attack scene.


In Literacy, we read:

Archie's War by Marcia Williams

Walter Tull's Scrapbook (more about Walter Tull can be found here)

The Trenches (My Story) by Jim Eldridge

Private Peaceful and War Horse by Michael Morpurgo

Flossie's Secret War Diary by Marcia Williams

Goodnight Mister Tom by Michelle Magorian

If you are looking for your next read then there is a list of fiction books related to both world wars here: http://www.lovereading4kids.co.uk/genre/ww1/The-World-Wars.html



We used the short animation 'The Piano' in LIteracy.

Film clip can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sr64NI33qUo

Our emotion graph:




Since September, we have:

* watched the 'Tour of Britain' cycle race go past the school

* handled WW1 artefacts in an interactive workshop

* improved our technique in a skipping workshop

* taken part in Woodland Well-being Week

* learnt how to french skip

* learnt about FIre Safety during our Smokebusters workshop from Cheshire Fire Service

* walked to Rainow War Memorial to find out how the village was affected by WW1 and WW2

* visited the IWM North to find out about the impact of war

* shared our family memories, stories and items from WW1 and WW2

* held a VE Day Party to celebrate the end of our topic

* taken part in our first Wider Opps concert to show how much progress we had made with our instruments

* visited the theatre to see 'The Snow Queen'

* taken part in STEM Week

* visited Manchester Museum to find out about archaeology

* went to 'LAKESIDE' for our residential

* took part in Sports Day

* visited Tytherington High School for a taster day

* explored the woods, ticking off some of the National Trust's things to do before you are 11 3/4

* performed in the Y5/6 production of My Fair Lady


'Leaf Assembly'

8/5/17 - All of Year 5 for their efforts writing stories last week.  Star Speller is Ellen for learning the current spelling rule words (i before e).

27/3/17 - Emma K and Samson for being co-operative team players.  Star Spellers are Josh and Ionie for learning and remembering the spellings from this year's lists.

6/3/17 - WIll D for being determined, Will R for working independently on a project and Ionie for always being ready and willing to learn and thinking hard.  Star Speller is Zak for making progress in learning his spellings.

13/2/17 - Zack F for always being ready to learn, Kadyleigh for working independently on a project and Emma W for being thoughtful and reflective.  Star Speller is Finlay for accurate spelling in his homework.

6/2/17 - Finlay for always being ready to learn and Emma K for spotting and learning from a misconception in maths.  Star Speller is Will D for accurate spelling of the Y5 words that we have learnt so far.

30/1/17 - Georgia, Samson and Jamie for being positive and determined learners.  Star Speller is Aaron for working hard to improve his spellings.

23/1/17 - Ethan for being ready and willing to learn, Aaron for being a determined learner and Ionie for being a curious and independent learner.  Star Speller is Purdi for making huge efforts to learn spellings at home.

16/1/17 - Lizzie and Wilf for their resilience and curiosity during a maths investigation.  Star Speller is Eve C for learning all the Autumn term spellings.

9/1/17 - Eve C, Kadyleigh and Purdi for being ready and willing to learn and Harrison for being a co-operative team player

21/11/16 - Sophie, Zack F and Lily

14/11/16 - Georgia and Lizzie for being determined and Lexi and Josh for working well as a team and independently.

7/11/16 - Tommy, Darcey and Samson for all showing determination and resilience with their learning.

31/10/16 - Zak L, Jamie and Will R for detailed and creative ideas when making their trench models

17/10/16 - Jack, Josh and Georgia for good contributions and being determined learners.

10/10/16 - Emma W, Finn and Eve M

26/9/16 - Wilf, Emma K and Zak L for excellent contributions in lessons and thinking about their learning.

19/9/16 - Harrison, Ellen and Samson for excellent attitudes towards learning and making good contributions to lessons

12/9/16 - Ionie, Jamie and Finlay for being polite and remembering to use their manners.