Spelling Lists can be downloaded from this page.

As well as the spelling rules that we will be learning about in class, children are also expected to learn the 'common exception' words on the Year 5 spelling list.

Hints and Tips for learning spellings:

There are lots of different ideas in the Y5 Homework Guide and in the Spelling Activity Menu which is attached to this page.

Look, Cover, Say, Write, Check.

Use magnetic letters to create the word

Draw the words into some sand or shaving foam.

'Magic Finger' spelling - draw the words in the air using a straight arm and big movements.

Print each of your spelling words. Then draw around each word. Study the shape or "figure" of each word.

Use dough to form the letters of each word. Put the letters in order to spell the word.

Write each word out repeatedly (ten times) using a different colour for each word.

Try using different coloured paper to aid memory.



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