School Council


Welcome to Rainow School Council!


Our School Council is made up of class reps from each year group. We have regular meetings with Miss Townley or Miss Crowther to discuss how we can make our learning environment even better.


If you have a suggestion, then why not jot it down and pop it in your suggestion box.

MEET THE 2019-20 REPS...

Year 1: Fraser & Marion

Year 2: Woody & Ruby

Year 3: Reuben & Jess

Year 4: Rafael & Immi

Year 5: Dylan & Arietty

Year 6: Stan & Esme

Staff Leaders:Miss Townley & Miss Crowther

Staff Rep: Mr Gratton



As of January 2020, the following people from year groups 4, 5 and 6 will take charge of ensuring everything runs as it should on the playground. The school council members from these year groups used their break times to interview and ask questions to those children who were interested in becoming a play ground leader. During every morning, lunch and afternoon break the leaders will have the role to make sure everyone is ACTIVE and following all rules and expectations. 

Well done to everyone who was interviewed and congratulations to:

Elliott, Alex, Rose and Mattie!



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